Clients & Testimonials

Bri Wehner
If you sing on a regular basis, you have to make sure you take care of your instrument and really learn how to use your voice. So many vocalists learn the incorrect way to sing and do some serious damage on their vocal chords. I had never taken voice lessons before and I knew that if I continued singing on a regular basis without seeking out some proper training, I would probably hurt myself. Alissa has helped me improve my breathing techniques and taught me some amazing tricks to apply to my gigs and performing. I am so thankful I found her when I did. I think no matter how beginner or advanced you are in your craft, there is always room to grow and learn new things. Alissa Steffens Vocal Academy rocks and I would toally recommend this for anyone interested in singing and performing!
Mariah Labbe
Mrs. Alissa is the best music teacher! You will learn so much!! She helps you with performing and perfecting your singing skills. She has legit experience and I highly recommend her!!
Haven Clarke’s Mom Beth
Ms. Alissa is such a great voice coach. My daughter learn so much since she began working with her..You are blessings to us.Thank you for everything you've done for Haven and looking forward for a more successful concert with all the girls. We love you Ms.Alissa. 😘
BreighAna Leilani (Knittel)
Alissa was an excellent voice teacher! She always asked for my goals with singing & was sure that we worked on it each and every time. She assisted me in learning stage confidence and understanding my own voice. She taught me to emphasize on my strong points but also work on many things that have helped me become a stronger, and more confident performer. Thank you!! ❤
Tasha Williams
For the majority of my life, I have been trained by a few different coaches that helped me throughout my music career. However, I was doing classical music; music that I never really wanted to do. I have been meeting with Alissa for a few months now and never have I experienced a coach that is so passionate about the development of her students. She is FULL of knowledge regarding the industry and will do her lessons specifically based on your musical needs. Since I've been meeting with her, not only is my stage presence much better but I know myself as an artist and am comfortable with my sound. She is not just for beginner musicians or artists. She starts with what you bring to the table and goes from there. Great and compassionate teacher!
Danni Coyote
Alissa is an incredible coach. She goes above and beyond to support her clients and even comes to their performances. I had a vocal injury in 2016 and spent 8 months on vocal rest. Alissa has helped me to relearn to sing properly and keeps me in tip top shape with vocal hygiene. She's world class, and I can't thank her enough for her priceless expertise!