By Nikki Hedrick

Music and singing have always been a focal point of Alissa Steffens’ life. Now she’s helping other Beachcomber Land voices find their way.

“It started very young,” she says. “I knew very young that I wanted to be involved in music.”

Like many entertainers, her first exposure to performing came through church. “I was five years old, and I still remember the moment,” says Steffens. “They thought it would be cute if I got up, and they handed me the mic and I literally never put it down from that point. I started singing all over and sang wherever I could.”

That included actively singing through school, and recording her first project at age 17, which helped her land a vocal scholarship for college.

“I grew up in West Michigan, but I can remember being eight and saying, I want to move to Nashville. And after college, that’s what I did.” Steffens found solid footing in Nashville as a signed singer-songwriter, session singer, and BMI employee, all the while performing and touring whenever possible.


I knew very young that I wanted to be involved in music.

Beach vacations to our area paved the way for Steffens and her family to become permanent Destin residents last June. “When I moved here, I really wanted to focus on my coaching more,” she says.

Steffens put performing on hold, but that’s about to end. “I’m working on new material and I’m really excited to get that out there,” she says, adding that writing music is more fun for her these days.

Whether it is a child looking for a confidence boost, or a songwriter whose catalog could use a little polishing, Steffens works with each vocal client and his or her individual desires. That also means they keep her on her toes. “In any given week, I have to learn over 100 songs based on the clients I have,” she says.

With over 13 years of vocal coaching experience, it is easy to understand why clients are drawn to Steffens. She focuses on positivity and helping each student put his or her best song forward—working with kids and adults, from basics to advanced singing concepts.

“Because I have that business side, I try to have the whole package. I teach voice, modern voice, and modern performing while helping people focus and accomplish goals.”

Steffens’ main message is to take the dive and go after your singing dreams because proper practice can make a discernible impact on your skill level.

“Vocal chords are pliable,” she says. “Everyone can improve and everyone can grow.”

To learn more about Steffens and her public concerts for voice students, visit SingDestin.com. Steffens will present the Best New Artist award at the Ninth Ever Beachcomber Music Awards Monday, March 6, at Destin’s Funky Blues Shack.


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