Music Industry Consulting

Create and achieve music career goals. Learn how to become a paid gigging vocalist ( create an amazing set and performance that pulls in your crowd) Understand what it takes to write, record and release hit songs. Learn how to attract industry professionals and obtain a record deal or learn how to be a successful Independent vocal artist. Focus in on your business plan, create an EPK, and generate PR all while still improving your musical ability!

Private Lessons

From the beginner to the signed Vocal Artist, get the one-on-one attention you need to bring your voice and performance to the next level. (Zoom, Skype or in person) Discover your own Pro sound, recording studio vocal techniques, commercial stage presence, Microphone techniques, passive modern breathing, vocal dynamics, safe belting, owning the stage, feeling confident, vocal health, the art of communication, stronger vocals, tone development, getting into character, learn how to set yourself a part from the crowd, audition preparation, gigging, songwriting, albums, tours, etc.) Alissa assesses each student, meets them where they are individually and pulls skills from various musical experiences, an amazing Music degree (Voice and Music Business), her career in the Pro Music Industry as well as 10 years of amazing vocal training (Classical, Opera and Modern Voice). Coach Alissa takes her passion for people, knowledge and skill and pours it all into each student. Alissa has her own ‘unique’ teaching style.  SHE SPECIALIZES IN MODERN PRO VOCAL AND PERFORMING TECHNIQUES. SHE COACHES POP, ROCK, R & B, RAP, HIP HOP, COUNTRY AND CHRISTIAN MUSIC! AS WELL AS BLUES, JAZZ AND THEATRE. **Speaking and Acting lessons also available**.

Vocal POP Academy


Class is not offered this year 2021/2022.


This is a one of a kind, 2 tier Solo Vocal Performance program that allows vocalist to train like a Pro, learn tricks of the trade, grow your voice, learn good mic technique, own the stage and perform LIVE in concert!! (level one-on site concerts and level two performs at music venues w/stage, lights, sound)

Song Writing/Recording Consulting

Every serious professional has a trainer. Who is your singer/songwriter coach? Learn how to take your inspirations and craft them into a hit song! Learn how to use your music, melody, lyrics and voice to bring home your message. Learn how to use your unique voice and range to help you write amazing songs. Make your next album stand out from the rest!





Want to learn how to sing or improve your vocal skills, grow your voice or discover your own sound? Interested in Songwriting lessons or need Music Career consulting? Take singing or songwriting lessons in the 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, Miramar Beach and Destin areas with a Nashville music professional; Alissa Steffens.